House & Office work

Get Rid of Contacting Labour Like Electricians…Tired of calling people to fix your Fan, AC or any other appliances ? Tired of listening their fake claims to be punctual. Want to get rid of their unfixed high prices. 

Don’t worry, All this type of troubles will now get away from you… 
A small glance of our services 

Plan Events

Start Planning Events Through Our Service Like Weddings etc…You wanna enjoy your party but you also have to take care of the arrangement for your party. From now no worry, You do enjoy and we do work for you managing your great party.

All type of work related to events are included here like Catering, DJ, Photo-Videographers and more…

Door to Door Service

Get Services at Your Doorstep Like Food Delivery etc…Felt hungry but lazy enough to stand and grab food from nearby cafe ? Want to eat tasty stuff but did not want to go out ? Hmmm, We have solution for this too.

Here in this section you can avail services like Food delivery, Medicines, Toeing or Loading and more…

Technical Services

Get Technical Services on your Table Like Web Dev. etc…Ever trapped on “How to’s” guide on YouTube and still trying to figure out things? Don’t Worry our technicians will roll a magic wand and get things done.

Creative Agency

Get All Imaginations on Reality Like Music Production, Feeling Creative ! Have an idea in mind but don’t know where to get started. Worried of breaking things in Software like Adobe Illustrator ?Or want to sing song Professionally but can’t do it alone maybe singing is not on your side you wish to start YouTube as your career, but don’t know how to start it Perfectly. We have you covered 🙂 


Get Rid of Roaming in Search of Registrations or Accounting services Like GST…Feeling lazy enough to do the Maths and Calculate services like Income Tax Returns ? Put your headache away and sleep peacefully by booking these services from us with the comfort of your home.

Services like Insurance, Pan Card, GST, Trademark Registrations and Consultancies are available here… 

E-sports (Coming-Soon)

Well we know how it feels when our dreams don’t let us sleep in night and make us feel dreamy in daytime and we also know the adrenaline rush that goes into your body when you think of the achievement and for that we know there are people interested in Gaming Careers as well and we want to provide them platform as well and soon you will be able to participate in competitive matches whether its minecraft pvp , battletroyale etc. 

But It’s Coming Soon 🙂
Show us your eagerness and we will be eager to add this feature if the demand is huge