Weeding planning

Give full work of your weeding on our shoulders and let us handle all your services for that please click on Book now button and book all services that lies in Weeding category all at once, Did all the planning on your own and need any selective service? Please click on Explore Button to know more. 


Confused about what people might like and what they might not? or maybe you are an adult who want to surprise your friend with a secret plan of your group of some.. 
Whatever the situation is we have a plan for that just let us know whether you want to book whole package at once (Please Click Book Now) or a particular service (Please Click Explore)

Formal Conferences

So you are an entrepreneur or a company want to do any sort of event regarding B2B solutions worry not we do have solutions for that and you just prepare your presentation we will take care of rest.

Kitty Parties

So you like get together, But bad at planning your time and this eventually get you tensed that how am i gonna handle and manage my time for this get together worry not we arrange all things so that you can live the day worry-free and prepare for your violin that you want to perform on your turn 

Music Jam

So your musician friends just got to reunite after a long time that you want to prepare a music jamming session for that and celebrate your reunion really at a next level alright you spend this valuable time gossiping and give the preparation headache on our side so that you can create some memories that you love

Kavi Samelan

Got hidden talent of poetry that is not coming to recognition don’t worry we have your back we will collaborate and have community events under your name and also provide platform for people who have passion for this particular field